Running Riot - Intermission: Dragon Study

5th Oct 2019, 12:00 AM in Intermissions
Intermission: Dragon Study
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RunningRiot 5th Oct 2019, 12:00 AM edit delete
I've never been really happy with the D&D style cat/horse dragons, for a few reasons:
- They can't really see their front claws/hands (unless they sit down)
- They have to sit up to cast spells. Y'know, if they're intelligent enough to do so.
- Using their front claws for locomotion makes them less useful as grasping tools. Imagine if picking up a feather duster immediately forced you to walk with a limp.
- A dragon's wings have got to be its strongest limbs by far. Why fold them up out of the way like songbirds does when they're not flying? I'd think the wing muscles would start to atrophy if they weren't constantly in use somehow.

The bipedal dragons in Pillars of Eternity are a little better, but they have some of the same problems the old T-Rex posture does:
- Back pain
- Tails aren't meant to drag like that
- I'd estimate roughly 60% of the dragon's weight is in front of its hips rather than over them. One little push to the back of the knee and it's taking a header into the nearest rock.
- The wings are still doing fuck-all except being heavy.

So that one's closer, but not the solution. We used to think Pterosaurs were bipedal but we're now pretty sure they were quadrupeds that walked on their wings. That makes a lot of sense, bio-mechanically. Why not use your strongest limbs for terrestrial locomotion?

Monster Hunter's Tigrex is also a wing-walker, but it's a wyvern (and not a particularly intelligent one). The locomotion was what I was looking for, but the posture wasn't. Tigrex is still a belly-crawler, but it gave me an idea.

So that's why today's update is an intermission because I had to sketch my idea out and wanted to share it. If I'd thought of this a few years ago, Roxy probably would've looked something like this.

Of course, Monster Hunter's way ahead of me and there's already a dragon with the more traditional cat-like build that uses its wings for something more than just nothing at all: angsty teenager Gore Magala and its shiny gold adult form, Shagaru Magala. Those wings aren't just for flying!

That's a good solution too.
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