Running Riot - 14 - 14

28th Sep 2019, 12:00 AM in Better Luck Next Time
14 - 14
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RunningRiot 28th Sep 2019, 12:00 AM edit delete
Holding something up when your only leverage is "being able to fly" is probably a lot more difficult than the comics make it look.

I'm feeling a lot better. Sorry about the missed updates.
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Darius Drake 28th Sep 2019, 5:43 AM edit delete reply
@ Holding something up while flying - It depends on what allows you to fly, how that relates to what you're lifting, and other related things. Holding something up when your leverage is "being able to fly", when your flight is based on telekinesis is completely different from doing so when your flight is based on physical wings or an internal jumping mechanism. Especially if you can extend that telekinesis to whatever you're holding effortlessly.

It is my suspicion that most flying superheros, even those with explanations that state otherwise, have contact telepathy that allows their costumes to remain undamaged from things that should damage their costumes but can't damage them, and allows them feats like lifting things with insufficient leverage or taking hits able to crack the planet in two without going through the planet.

Honestly, a massive problem with things like this that is rarely taken into consideration is actually balance. A massive chair that, while light enough for a person to easily carry on their own, is a three or four seat couch, is not something a person can just carry around without upending it. Superhero stories regularly have people catching, lifting, throwing, and otherwise utilising massive weights that, officially, weigh significantly more than they do, without any consideration to how that weight will affect them or be balanced by what they're doing.
Darius Drake 28th Sep 2019, 5:51 AM edit delete reply
@ Author: Unfortunately, I can't edit my previous post to add this, so I'll just say it here. Real life and caring for yourself comes first and foremost. You don't need to apologise to people getting something for free from you, particularly if what you're doing is looking after yourself. Care about yourself and things directly important to you first, and then think about readers like us third, maybe fourth. If we're lucky.

What's second? If I'm limiting my choices to things relating to this comic (which I will be, because I know nothing about your private life), second is either making sure that you are satisfied with what you produce, or ensuring that you are comfortable and happy continuing to produce your stories.
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