Running Riot - 9 - 27

16th Aug 2017, 12:00 AM in Civilized People of EARTH You Are SAVED!
9 - 27
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RunningRiot 16th Aug 2017, 12:00 AM edit delete
Stardust, put your cape and chest emblem on my desk! You're off the force!

... What do you mean you don't have a cape or chest emblem?
RunningRiot 16th Aug 2017, 11:57 AM edit delete
The next four updates were drawn and finalized before the events of Charlottesville. Last year, I made a decision to drop a villain from the comic, one that was introduced back in September of 2015. The character was originally patterned after corporate sleazebags like Donald Trump and the big pyramid in the background of many city shots is "his" building.

I have come to feel that dropping this character was a mistake, and I won't be changing the current arc which involves references to the Nazis. I don't condone fascists of any stripe.

Superheroes have a long history with the Nazis, a history which mostly involved punching them. I feel that this is moral and just. There is no such thing as an "ironic" Fascist. There is no such thing as "ironic" racism.

I don't often soap box like this, but if there's one thing I've learned over years on the internet it's this: You can't argue with a Nazi. They are not interested in hearing what you have to say. This means that whether you encounter them on twitter or facebook or even in the workplace they will not argue in good faith. They're not looking to have their mind changed by reasonable discourse.

You cannot compromise with a Nazi, they are not interested in reaching a "middle ground" everyone can stand on together. They covet the ground you're standing on and have no qualms about hurting or killing you to get it, while claiming "self defense" or that they had the "moral high ground" afterwards.

The world is going to get much worse before it gets better, and it's important to remember: a Nazi never has the moral high ground. They surrendered it when they chose to associate themselves with the ideologies of mass murderers.

That's enough soap boxing from me, it's back to business as usual soon. Just remember, when it comes to Fascist rhetoric, don't be a sucker.
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...(RockB) 19th Jan 2019, 6:55 AM edit delete reply
Srsly: I have given up arguing with anyone for the sake of changing their mind about something. I argue and provide links and info to make them look uninformed and stupid, for any third person to see. Much more satisfying. And it may actually help, not my opponent but everybody else who stumbles upon the discussion.

(Not too long ago, last year, I argued an artist on dA and at some point he deleted his deviation including the whole discussion. Not sure whether I got something through but whatever the reason was, I call it a little success.)


> don't be a sucker

Anybody noticed the last words shown on the little "film" at the very end?
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